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About First Texas Home Health

First-TexasFrom our beginning in 2000, 1st First Texas Home Health has and continues to be the recognized agency of choice.  We currently have six home health care locations serving twenty nine counties in North and Southeast Texas.  1st First Texas Home Health was founded on sound Christian values and principles. From the beginning our business philosophy has been based around one word “Quality”.  Personlized service remains and always will be our top priority.  We strive to provide the highest most consistent level of home health care available anywhere.
1st First Texas Home Health has the staff experience, equipment, medical supplies, and community resources to meet your needs.

We are not your traditional home health company!

What makes us unique? First Texas Home Health is a very innovative, highly specialized home health company that was designed to fit the “individual” needs of the patients and health care professionals we serve. Our proven approach encompasses a very “holistic” program which can help our clients to live much safer and more independently while remaining at home. Our number one priority is to produce significant, measurable results for our patients and attending physicians. When considering home health care for yourself or a love one, call the experts who will put you 1st.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

The agency admits and treats all patients on the basis of a reasonable expectation that the patient’s medical, nursing and social needs can be met in the patient’s place of residence without regard to race, age, color, handicap, religion, national origin, medical condition, marital status, or sex. The agency will not discriminate against an individual based on whether or not the individual has executed an advanced directive.

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